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Article: Reflections on 2021

Reflections on 2021

Press clipping from the magazine and my stand at the show

On the walk to nursery yesterday I was looking down at the frosty leaves and thought back to this time last year. It’s been a tricky year for all of us, it felt like so much had happened, but also so little and this got me reflecting back on 2021 and what I'd achieved.

But first I want to start with a big thank you to all of you who supported my small business by purchasing items from me, or simply clicked ‘like’ on my social media posts. Thank you it really means the world to me.

Because of you, 2021 was the year I finally started to see my business grow. I introduced new products (notebooks, cushions, and tea towels) and showed my work at my first big fair – The Country Living Christmas Fair in London.

There were highs 🎢

  • Being featured in Country Living Magazine as one of their top picks for the show. Thank you Alaina Binks for selecting me from such an amazing bunch of other makers.
  • Stepping back and seeing the space I’d visualised in my head come to life at the Country Living Christmas Fair.
  • Selling my Composition in Red and delivering it to its new home, and getting wonderful feedback “Vintage Heaven. I fell in love with Pippa's beautiful artwork as soon as I saw it. It's a wonderful time capsule of days gone by, full of memories for me, like rifling through my grandmother's button box. The piece is so well crafted and beautifully presented. It hangs pride of place in my house, and I absolutely love it. Many thanks Pippa.”
  • Meeting Steph at Innovate & Thrive who’s business knowledge and guidance has helped me navigate some tough moments and help me to make sense of all the ideas in my head.
  • Finally getting my hands on my new cushion designs (after a lot of stress).

Of course, there have been lows 📉

  • Trying to do too much. Freelancing, running a business, coming off maternity leave, the pandemic. So much change and uncertainty, I had my moments of, “wouldn’t it be easier to just pack it in and get a normal job” but I’ve learned to see these moments coming and to step back, be a little kinder to myself.
  • Printing fabric! The progress was so much more time-consuming than I ever imagined. It was costly and at times frustrating, especially when they couldn’t deliver made-up cushions before Christmas, thanks again Mum for saving the day. But it is a learning process and this year I will know what to do and expect.
  • Taking £30 one day at The Country Living Fair, felt very disheartening.
  • And sometimes not taking anything at all at small local fairs.

But what I have learned this year is that believing in your own business and what you are creating means more than all of this. Doing it all with a smile on your face and an open mind to learn and grow from those around you. I believe I can do this, I do have a good idea and people like my products – I just need to share it more.

Having a fantastic community around me has been my backbone, celebrating my highs, sharing my lows, picking me up, and getting me back on track. I’m thinking of you, Sophie, Nina, Josie, Steph and Kirsty.

I’m so excited for 2022, I have so many ideas to bring to life and things to learn. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love every day.

Pip x

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