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Article: Yep, that's my art in Country Living Magazine


Yep, that's my art in Country Living Magazine

Me holding the cover of the January Country Living Magazine

The headline on the January 2024 edition of Country Living’s magazine is ‘It’s time to party!’ and I was certainly feeling in the party spirit as, drum roll please… one of my assemblage artworks had been included. 

Part of their beautiful feature Play & Display: 20 ways to curate your collections to create a home full of charisma and colour (pages 52-60). Nestled at number 17 you'll find my assemblage alongside these lovely words from Sally Coulthard: 

"Curatorial Spirit. Collections don't have to be multiples of the same object. The curation of British found objects and discarded keepsakes by Pippa Ryan is deeply personal but precisely arranged and limited in colour palette to keep it from feeling like clutter."

The artwork, Composition in Red was part of my Colour Series. This collection of work was designed and made between 2021-2022 and is a celebration of everyday vintage, antique and found keepsakes brought together for their colour, but also in subtle themes. In the case of Composition in Red, it had a quintessential British undertone.

Composition in Red is now part of a private collection in Hampton Court. However, a similar artwork could be commissioned.

Composition in Red in Country Living Magazine

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